Episode 5 – Gucci Pulled Up Pornhub

TOPICS: Cardi B and Offset have a baby, Bieber gets engaged, Protest Anthems, Peter Strozk comes to Capital Hill, Kavanaugh tabbed for SCOTUS, Are the Dems becoming too liberal? Trump pardons White terrorists and terrorizes NATO. AZ Cardinals Owner gets political but says players can’t, NFL players stay getting in trouble, WSOP hot takes. The Rock’s new movie, Sacha Baron Cohen trolls America. Stormy Daniels arrested for stripping in a strip club, Parkland Parents sue Coward Deputy, Kylie Jenner a self-made billionaire? Papa John drops trash racial views along with trash pizza.

It’s Arguing Time: Can you date someone with different political or religious views? Are single parent households a bad thing? In and Out is Trash.
Why we have hope in the world today: Thai Soccer team saved, Elon Musk + Jemele Hill.

OG Bobby Gabriel Officially joins Socraddicts

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