Episode 8 – Crack Mamba

TOPICS: Demi Lovato, The Obamas go to a concert, K-Dot on Power, Logan Paul vs KSI Fight, James Gunn, Trump threatens to shut down the government, Congress still silent, Jeff Sessions Religious Liberty Task Force, Lamar Odom to play in China, Conor McGregor is a POS, The Dallas Cowboys/Jerry Jones are trash, Ex-Cops rigs McDonald’s Monopoly Game, Mayweather vs 50, Superintendent drops a deuce everyday and resigns. |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: Has Social Media made us numb? Chicken wings: drums vs flats. Why we have hope in the world today: LeBron James + Mitchell Loewen and AirMexico Plane Crash Survivors. Gucci guest hosts for OG Bobby Gabriel on Socraddicts

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