Episode 11 – I Have a Dad (I Don't)

TOPICS: Nicki Minaj pulls a Trump, Young Thug drops trash, Adrian Peterson signs with the Redskins, ESPN won’t show anthem, NBA owners want mental health files, Duke’s Zion Williamson is a beast, Korean athletes compete as a united Korea at Asian games, Crazy Rich Asians is #1 movie in America, Netflix to show commercials, Trump continues attacks on Mueller and Brennan, In 2018 we are wondering if the President used the N word, the GOP is pushing Kavanaugh through showing their hypocrisy, a Black child is blocked from attending a Christian school due to his hair, Melania Trump continues her anti-cyber bullying campaign, the Catholic Church abused over 1,000 kids in PA.

|SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: Who is more free – animals or humans? What is the best kind of fry? Why we have hope in the world today: Satanic Temple in Arkansas, Vic Mensa, Kevin Spacey’s movie flops, Jenny Han.

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