Episode 12 – Gentrified Lean

TOPICS: John McCain, Trump implicated in a felony – his campaign manager and lawyer are convicted/plead guilty, GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter gets indicted, The GOP politicizes a tragedy showing their hypocrisy, Another mass shooting, Jay Leno says he lives like a broke boi, TMZ interviews Demi Lovato’s drug dealer, Weezy and Birdman reconcile, ESPN and Jemele Hill part ways, Serena Williams, Odell Beckham, Jr. gets paid, John Goodman says Roseanne isn’t racist. |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: Worst sports mistake, are music lyrics too explicit? Why we have hope in the world today: Trump might get impeached, Nor Cal Firefighters, John Wick 3, Student Loan Watchdog resigns.

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