Episode 15 – Merrick Garland

TOPICS: Reactions to Week 3 NFL and Week 4 in CFB. Is Tiger back? Should people be shamed for not leaving before a hurricane? Coca-Cola getting in the weed game. The new iPhone is $1500. Should we stop remarking TV shows and movies? Sean Penn says #MeToo is divisive, Kavanaugh accused of sexual assault, Rod Rosenstein on his way out? Manafort flips in the Mueller probe. Should we rethink celebrating Tupac? Young Dolph drops a new album. Is Drake’s friendship with Millie Bobby Brown inappropriate? |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: PS4 vs XBox and Who is the best Avenger and why? Why we have hope in the world today: America, 75 year old pets cats, Bill Cosby is going to jail and The Oakland Athletics.

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