Episode 21 – Meat Librarian

TOPICS: Reactions to the midterms: Impact locally here in AZ, Beto loses Texas but gets more votes than Hillary did for Pres, Gillum and Stacy Abrams going to recount…reactions? Dems take the House, History making races + Craziest headlines/storylines from the midterms, Trump fires Jeff Sessions the day after the midterms. Dez Bryant signs with the Saints and Zion Williamson is a grown ass man. |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: Would you support instituting a purge? Is it wrong to use the handicap stall? Why we have hope in the world today: David Attenborough a Netflix deal, Steph Curry/Jon Bellion, e-cig guy has regrets, former InfoWars owner wants to fight Fake News.

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