Episode 22 – Pikachu for President

TOPICS: A Super Earth was discovered six light years away from us, The Feds are coming for e-cigs. Are the Warriors imploding? Is LeVeon Bell dumb or smart for his holdout? The NFL moves MNF game that was to be played in Mexico City to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions, what’s this say about player safety?Jimmy Butler is traded to the Sixers, are the top team in the east? Rhythm and Flow on Netflix, Trump blows off 100 year Armistice Day ceremony and Veterans Day at Arlington due to rain, Sinema officially wins first woman senator spot in AZ, Conspiracy theories, attacking voters and crazy public officials, Detective Pikachu will solve the case. |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing Time: Should Election Day be a national holiday? Is flirting cheating? Why we have hope in the world today: Rams donate tix, Mexican piss bags and the Blue Wave.

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