Episode 26 – Two Bros, One Pan

TOPICS: Viral glitter bomb video, the War on Christmas has come for Gingerbread Cookies, Elon Musk shows off “The Loop”, Offset crashes Cardi B’s performance at Rolling Loud, asking for her to take him back. Alfonso Ribeiro sues the creators of Fortnite over the Carlton dance, thoughts on the new Aladdin live action move. NFL’s “random” drug testing program, how do we fix the College Football playoff? Doug Ducey chooses Martha McSally to fill McCain’s former seat. Trump is refusing to sign any temporary funding bill for the government that doesn’t pay for his wall. Jim Mattis resigns from the Trump administration. |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing time: Which fast food restaurant has the best breakfast? What is the worst Christmas song? Why we have hope in the world today?: Nunchucks are making a company, Trump might be senile, an inoperable brain tumor that disappeared + Dikembe Mutombo.

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