Episode 28 – Fortnite is Dead

TOPICS: New year, new resolutions that we won’t keep – what’s one of yours? A kid falls in a Rhino enclosure at a zoo. White man shoots 7 year old black girl in “unprovoked attack”. NFL Black Monday, playoff predictions and so on. Who are you NBA all-star picks? 21 Savage drops a new album, ‘Coachella’ releases their lineup for this year, Kanye backed out. Louis CK goes after Parkland kids, gender and Asians. Saudi Arabia censors a Netflix show and is it okay for Hollywood to portray criminals in a positive light in TV and movies? New year, new Congress. Elizabeth Warren is first Dem to say she’s running for President in 2020.  |SEGMENTS| It’s Arguing time: What is the best hangover cure or prevention? When shopping online do you sort highest to lowest or lowest to highest? Why we have hope in the world today?: Renewable Energy, the Real American Dream + Fortnite is dying.

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