Episode 29 – Batman Eats Bangers & Mash

TOPICS: QAnon believing Proud Boy kills his brother after thinking he was a lizard, Jeff Bezos was cheating on his wife with his friend’s wife, he might have the most expensive divorce in history, does the media owe Cody Parkey an apology? A few NFL teams have new coaches, what are your thoughts on the hires? Klay Thompson scores 43 points against the Knicks but only dribbles 4 times, Is Trevor Lawrence the best Freshman QB the NCAA has seen after his performance against Bama? R. Kelly under criminal investigation after documentary series, Bryan Cranston under fire for playing a quadriplegic a movie, Bumblebee still has an incredibly solid 93% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Did we miss something or is Rotten Tomatoes a load of shit? TV Networks cave to Trump and allow him to address the nation in primetime about immigration, a luxury not afforded to Obama in 2014, AOC triggers the fuck out the GOP. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing time: If you are a fish, is water wet? What is the best type of cheese? Why we have hope in the world today?: The Dallas Cowboys, Andrew Luck is back + stupid A’s fan gets what she deserves.

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