Episode 34 – Jesus Was a Great Magician

TOPICS: El Chapo gets convicted, Chuck E. Cheese says they don’t repurpose leftover pizza, Amazon pulls of out of planned New York campus. Spotify will begin to ban accounts that utilize free adblocking tools, thoughts about the Grammy’s, up and coming rapper is charged in the murder of his friends. The Cleveland Browns sign Kareem Hunt, Colorado store that pulled Nike from it’s shelves after Kaepernick ad is forced to close due to poor sales, many MLB free agents are still unsigned and Spring Training is about to start. Breaking Bad is apparently making a movie revolved around Jesse Pinkman, bipartisan calls ring out for Ilhan Omar to apologize for “anti-semitic” tweets, Congress find a compromise to fund the government – will Trump sign? | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: Which jelly or jam pairs better with peanut butter: grape or strawberry? Are moderates and agnostics the worst kind of people? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Berco gets hammered, Tempe rids itself of an infection, Beto ignites El Paso.

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