Episode 43 – Sir This is an Arby's

TOPICS: Talking “Thrones”, Fresh off his Best Actor win, Rami Malek joins ‘Bond 25’ cast, Kanye’s merch at Coachella was outrageously overpriced, Damian Lillard finally wins a playoff series; what did this series mean for Russell Westbrook and the Thunder going forward? The NFL Draft. For the environment, is it okay to weigh passengers before their flights? Ted Rossman, a credit card analyst for Bankrate, seems disappointed and says it’s “unfortunate” that 60% of Americans aren’t going to plan summer vacations due to financial reasons. Elizabeth Warren floats the idea of universal free college and the debt cancellation of about 95% of Americans with student loan debt. Joe Biden is officially running, how is this going to affect the primaries? | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: Would you rather only being able to speak/respond using memes and gifs or learn sign language? Can a video game be considered and displayed as a “work of art” in an art museum? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Lemonade, Cracker Barrel, Bun B + Gerrymandering.

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