Episode 44 – The Loudest Noise I’ve Ever Heard

TOPICS: This week in Game of Thrones, the trailer for the new Sonic the Hedgehog film freaks people out, John Singleton passed away, Kanye West wants to open up a church, Justin Bieber criticizes Eminem for dissing new rappers. NBA Playoffs update, your 2020 Madden Cover is… Patrick Mahomes, Sean Miller is accused of paying Deandre Ayton to play at Arizona, Instagram to remove number of likes on photos and videos in Canada, Robert Mueller and Bill Barr might have beef, Barr and the Trump Administration are calling the Dem’s bluff. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: Should the legal drinking age be 21? Does age matter in a relationship? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Jamaal Charles, Mobility of Dogs, Spoilers + Bubba Watson.

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