Episode 46 – I Get Paid in Gum

TOPICS: Are we over Game of Thrones? Disney has full operational control of Hulu now; what constitutes a monopoly in the current age of media? 50 Cent, jokingly, teases a Presidential run in 2020, the Pelicans get the number one pick in the NBA Draft, the Warriors are still the best team even without Kevin Durant. The National center for health statistics just announced that the  birthrate in the United states dropped to its lowest levels in 32 years, a federal labor lawyer says Uber drivers are not employees, more states are coming after abortion. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: Fat Thor vs Fat Kevin Love. Fuck/Marry/Kill Disney Movie Edition. Argue your most controversial opinion on pop culture. Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Danish Politician , Feline Flowers, Adam Silver + Arabic Numerals.

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