Episode 49 – Good for America

TOPICS: Who do you think wins the NBA Finals? Who will be the Finals MVP? A foul ball hit a young fan at a Cubs v Astros game – is it time to extend the nets in baseball? With “Old Town Road” as the soundtrack for the trailer, we are getting another Rambo, what some are calling an act of racial profiling. Google announces ban on marijuana apps in Google Play Store, Robert Mueller officially resigns from the DOJ. The White House, DOD and US Navy made sure the USS John S. McCain’s name was nowhere to be found while Trump was in Japan. Louisiana’s Democratic governor signs abortion ban into law. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: What’s a bigger scam: Unpaid Internships or Social Media Giveaways? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Swimtrunks, Impossible + AOC.

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