Episode 68 – Grand Wizard of the USA

TOPICS: Are you going to see the new Dora film? Will it bomb? Megan Thee Stallion says we should stop trying to compare Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. A YouTube star accidentally uploads a video of her abusing her dog and faces swift backlash. A White woman wrote a review about her experience on a plantation tour, she says there was too much talk about slavery. Kenny Stills called out Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for his hypocrisy of fundraising for Trump while also running a social justice initiative | SEGMENTS : It’s Arguing Time: A new study shows over 20% of Subaru WRX drivers have a speeding ticket. Twice the national average. What car has the worst driver, though? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: WNBA, GPS + Wal-Mart employees.

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