• Episode 88 – Offer Code: Hard Candy

    TOPICS: US workers do not get enough sleep, about 35% of Americans. The Watchmen introduces the Tulsa Race Massacre to many Americans, Gucci listened to Kanye’s new album and recap […]

  • Episode 87 – Chalk It Up To Fake News

    TOPICS: Mitt Romney has a burner account and it’s a French name. Francis Coppola comes after the MCU and attacks it. Kanye West has a new album coming out and […]

  • Illusion of Freedom Isn't Freedom

    Samuel Adam’s is going to be re-releasing a beer that is illegal in 15 states due to ABV content. Jeopardy Headwriter states that people shouldn’t attempt to play like Holzhauer […]

  • Episode 85 – Off The Rails

    TOPICS: A girl gets fired from Panera Bread for a TikTok video. Thoughts about RDJ portraying Dr. Dolittle and Disney+ dropping their launch lineup list. Elton John and his comments […]

  • Episode 84 – Ask Your Mother

    TOPICS: Some U.S cities are banning fast-food windows. Thoughts about Ellen Degeneres defending George W. Bush. Ja Rule thinking about doing Fyre Festival the way he wanted it to be […]