• Episode 83 – Showing Their True Colors

    TOPICS: How can colleges create inclusive campus cultures, Marvel should be pushing RDJ for Best Actor according to fans. Dame Lillard and Shaq diss each other (again). China and its […]

  • Episode 82 – Sounds About White

    TOPICS: Bagel Guy may be getting sued for not showing for a boxing match. Is it downhill for South Park. Hip Hop artists and their potential problems creating hit records. […]

  • Episode 81 – A Tiddy Came Out

    TOPICS: “OK” hand gesture now considered an official symbol of hate. The military warns of Joker backlash and threats. Tekashi wants to keep going with music career despite danger. Is […]

  • Episode 80 – Ed Hochuli

    TOPICS: Disney backs out of a deal to buy twitter. Game of Thrones wins 12 emmy’s despite last season. Mariah Carey’s re-release of Merry Christmas. NFL and it’s obsession with […]

  • Episode 79 – Parlez-vous Fran├žais

    TOPICS: Colt will be taking their AR-15 off of the civilian market because so many are already in circulation. 6ixN9ne starts snitching on everyone to avoid jail time. Is the […]