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  • Episode 78 – Roman… Pay Us

    TOPICS: The city of Tempe might be introducing co-living spaces for professionals. The Colin Kaepernick Nike ad won an Emmy for Best Commercial. Eddie Money died this past Friday. Lavar […]

  • Episode 77 – A Good Guy with a Vape

    TOPICS: Coke and Pepsi cut ties with a plastics lobbying organization. Joker director Todd Phillips says that Joaquin Phoenix as Joker will not appear in a movie with Robert Pattinson […]

  • Episode 76 – Twitter Banned Enuff Said

    TOPICS: A large increase in lung illness linked to e-cigs and vapes, the CDC urges people to stop. Mac Miller’s drug dealer is arrested. Thoughts about the first week of […]

  • Episode 75 – Business is Not Boomin'

    TOPICS: Scientists discover that the Loch Ness monster could possibly be an extremely large eel. Several Twitter users called Kevin Hart out for gaslighting Lil Nas X on HBO’s “The […]

  • Episode 74 – Fuck Jay-Z

    TOPICS: Students at the University of Texas in Austin can now take a class taught by Matthew McConaughey. BangBros bought a porn star doxxing site just so they could wipe […]